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SKU 44411101

For Traxxas Xmaxx 6s bearing kit

  29 bearings included:

  • 8- 15x24x5 
  • 7- 5x11x4 
  • 4- 17x26x5 
  • 4- 20x27x4 
  • 3- 10x15x4 
  • 2- 6x13x5 
  • 1- 12x18x4


RPM & Pro Line Hubs substitute 2 of the 20x27 with 2- 20x32x7

Hot Racing 2 hubs include 2 extra 17x23x4

Hot Racing 4 Hubs Include 4 extra 17x23x4

Motor bearings includes 2- 6x17x6 Metal shield, If you would like ceramic or Stainless bearings, please see our Xmaxx motor listing

Chrome Steel

This is our standard bearing that we have been stocking since the beginning. Chrome Steel is a great budget friendly bearing that will work in most any application.

  • Abec 3
  • Pre Greased
  • Chrome steel
  • Rubber sealed

440 Stainless Steel

Stainless Steel bearings offer 75-85% of the strength as the Chrome Steel bearing, but will not corrode when used in wet applications. Stainless Steel also will run safely at a higher temperature than a chrome steel

  • Abec 3
  • Pre Greased
  • 440 Stainless Steel balls retainers & races
  • Rubber sealed

Ceramic Hybrid 

Ceramic Hybrids last up to 10xs longer than Chrome Steel bearings.  These are used in applications where high speed, load and temperature are a factor. Ceramic balls are harder and rounder than stainless & chrome steel, so therefore they offer less rolling resistance. 

  • Abec 5
  • Light oil
  • Ceramic Silicon Nitride Si3N4 balls
  • Chrome steel races
  • Chrome steel & reinforced nylon retainers
  • Rubber sealed

Reinforced nylon retainers

Reinforced Nylon retainers can handle up to 60% more speed than a chrome steel retainer. Nylon retainers will lose their elasticity and become brittle in colder temperatures.

*main picture is a stock photo